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gingerbasterd: Your voice is amazing.

Thank you!

Anonymous: remember when you were fru-itsandvegetables or something like that? Oh my god. I feel so old. THE OLD FANDOM.

Haha I do! I would come right home from school and just fangirl the day away. I’ve made so many great friends because of tumblr and the T&S fanbase. Because of tumblr I worked up the courage to come out, move out of the closed minded town I lived in and became the person I was too afraid to be when I worried way too much about being judged. Ok, this has turned into some kind of sentimental novel, but I hope you tumblr oldies that I’ve followed since the beginning of time are all doing great. You’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know.

I have another blog that I update more regularly if you’re interested in that kind of thing. Hard to keep up with all the Teegles and Sasa blogs out there so I’ve gone into a retirement of sorts.

Anonymous: Is Downtown your cover? Or it is someone else? Xx

It is my cover yes. I have a bunch more on soundcloud. My username is jawlines

Downtown (Tegan and Sara Cover) by Gabby Morales
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